ACS Playground Adventures is partnered with Vitriturf, the very best surfacing company in the industry. Vitriturf offer several products that allow the product to be installed on dirt, gravel, concrete, and black top. Vitriturf is great for Splashpads, Playgrounds, Pool Decks and so much more. Contact us today to schedule a site survey

Surfacing Systems

V10 - ACS Playground Adventures is excited about this system. With a

10 year Warranty V10 is one of the longest lasting products in the market


Bonded Rubber -  This is the standard PIP that everyone is used to.

But just like everything Vitriturf does, the is nothing normal about this great product. Available is multiple color.

Bond Flex -  Bondflex is the most versatile system in the market. This product can be put on grass, dirt, gravel, concrete or many other surfacing's.